De Kleinste Kapsalon

De Kleinste Kapsalon

Vanaf begin dit jaar (2016) is de website van de kleinste kapsalon online. De realisatie van het project heeft bijna een jaar geduurd. Dat kwam met name doordat ik niet meteen doorhad hoe ik de fysieke en virtuele werelden samen wilde brengen in een concept. Het lijkt me alsnog gelukt.. en ik ben erg trots op het ... Read More
Kappen met dat Gekut

Kappen met dat Gekut

De Niet-Kutten-Maar-Poetsen starterskit   Ik ben normaal gesproken niet een blogger. Daarnaast ben ik gewoon niet zo goed in talen. Dat wist ik toen (voor ik studeerde) en dat weet ik nu. Ironisch genoeg heb ik alsnog communicatie gestudeerd. Goed ik dwaal een beetje af, vandaag wilde ik het hebben over mensen die ergens vast lijken te zitten in ... Read More


Three weeks since the last videos got posted.. But hey, I had good reasons.. (I guess). In this video IMMATURE discusses short term vs long term gains and how they work out when you’re following your own business/dreams/desires. IMMATURE is going strong so far, and it is such a great journey so far.. Thank you ... Read More


This is the first video to be shot in the morning this month (April 2015). This video shows how I even pulled an all-night after the 28th. As a result I look surprisingly energetic for someone who just refused to sleep for 36 hours. Although that may be due to fact that it was shot ... Read More


Only delayed by two weeks, but here is April 28th’s video! This video kind of shows the type of low-energy output I had towards the end of last month. I didn’t want to worsen that state so hence the delay. As a result I have a lot of new cool stuff to share with you ... Read More


Kingsday 2015 is here! IMMATURE bikes downtown and shares what the day looks like in Rotterdam. His unique skills allow him to vlog while biking, forming a potential hazard to society in general. If you’re viewing this it means all went well and that no-one was harmed in the process of this video. He also ... Read More

Talking Business

Success! Today’s meeting went awesome and IMMATURE gained yet another new client! Big responsibilities are heading our way. IMMATURE also discovered that “helping out” is not the right term for conducting business. Hope you all are doing well (don’t overdo yourself on Kingsday 2015)! Be IMMATURE and follow my journey! Facebook: Instagram: ... Read More


In this video IMMATURE draws back on his past and explains that –right now- is the time to persevere. He mentions that easing down may make you lazy and draw you off from your goal. Keep persisting and you shall succeed. IMMATURE also talks about how daily vlogging is also a good way to discover ... Read More

24 Days of Progress

In today’s video IMMATURE highlights some post-event experiences about the volunteering he did at the Respect the Mountains 10-year anniversary event (which took place yesterday). He also mentions how these events actually help him to improve his presentation skills. Progress is visible every single day and IMMATURE is very satisfied about the steep curve forward! ... Read More

Volunteering at Respect The Mountains

In today’s video, IMMATURE attends the 10-year anniversary event of Respect The Mountains. IMMATURE volunteered – helping out setting up the event, as well as doing some photography, interviews and helping out the guests with the wonderful food made possible by the ladies of Tafelvanzeven! This video is also the first video to guest star ... Read More