This portfolio section contains a brief overview of the different assignments IMMATURE has been responsible for. Should you have any questions about any of them, feel free to use any of the means to contact us.


> In Progress

IMMATURE is currently working on an ambitious new website project. More info soon!

> Gemeente Rotterdam

For a department within Gemeente RotterdamIMMATURE, in collaboration with Jong&Goed, is currently working on a new video production. More info about this soon!

> OPEN Rotterdam

OPEN Rotterdam is a Rotterdam-based local TV agency. IMMATURE is responsible to improve the physical and online visibility of the organisation. Next to maintaining external relations and providing online media advice it is also our task to make sure that all promotional activities and partnerships are utilized to their fullest.

IMMATURE is the first to ever engage in such matters within their organisation. As such, it makes for a both interesting and engaging experience for both parties.

> BOOST Foundation

Boost Foundation consists of a group of motivated volunteers who want to use their specialization for the benefit of humanitarian and environmental projects. As Chief Communications Officer (CCO) and (future) board member, IMMMATURE is responsible for external relations and communications. We do this fully on volunteer basis, alongside our paid projects.

> Jong&Goed

For Jong&Goed IMMATURE has been part of a number of projects. Our main task was either Social Media, Online Analytics or Videography. From time to time IMMATURE can also be found working on new marketing & communication concepts for their own clients:

  • SURF
  • ASR
  • Rabobank
  • Rotterdam School of Management
  • Groenhorst Barneveld

> Bladervrij

For Bladervrij IMMATURE has been responsible for a weekly Social Media schedule. IMMATURE also did monthly analytics reports and consulted them on what road to partake based on their competitors’s moves within the market. Last but not least, their website was also organized as SEO friendly as possible.

> STAGE Clothing

STAGE Clothing is the first e-commerce shop that IMMATURE got to do work for. Our task was to improve marketing efforts and to improve the performance of their WooCommerce site.

Since then IMMATURE been responsible for the concepting and execution of several marketing campaigns (including video). IMMATURE picked up photography and converted the visuals to workable advertising graphics – to use in both Facebook Advertising campaigns as well as Instagram and Google Adwords campaigns. Both the Mobile and Desktop website saw a major overhaul to fit the current demands of the online shoppers.

> World of Rings

For World of Rings IMMATURE partook a more consulting role based on monthly Analytics and Social Media reports. IMMATURE also advised the owners on new campaign ideas and occasionally shared their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) with them.

> Urban Big Data Rotterdam

Urban Big Data Rotterdam was one of the first video challenges in which IMMATURE scripted, filmed, presented, edited and converted an 8 hour long event to a 7 minute synopsis. The topic was technological of nature: (Urban) Big Data.

During the event IMMATURE did several interviews and also was responsible to make sure photos were taken where needed. This project is a collaboration between Gemeente Rotterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam

> #LekkerNuchter

The #LekkerNuchter campaign was a collaboration of Catalyst Labs and the Vereniging Nederlands Brouwers. In this campaign IMMATURE was responsible for getting the overall visual style of the campaign in line with the demands of the client. Alongside this, I was also playing an assisting role on placing and targeting adverts on Facebook.

> Tekstbureau PURUS

Tekstbureau PURUS is the newly created website of a text writer. The intention was to showcase her talent in both creative and formal writing. The site also serves as a means to provide more information and to help visitors and/or interested people to get in touch with her.

> MainWP

MainWP are the developers behind the similarly named WordPress Management plugin. In a series of videoblogs IMMATURE assists them in highlighting both existing and upcoming features of their free wordpress management solution. In doing so, IMMATURE is also responsible in making sure that the new material is SEO sensitive.

> Stichting Ozanam

Project Bakboord and Project Vivaldi are two projects IMMATURE has had the pleasure of working on. One was aimed at rehabitalizing detentioned citizens whilst the other was about fighting loneliness. For both projects IMMATURE has been part of the concepting of a new recruitment campaign that targets new volunteers in the Hague and the surrounding areas. For this project, IMMATURE did market research and crafted so-called “Persona’s”.

> Collectief15

Collectief15 is a duo (a text writer and visual organizer) with whom IMMATURE has launched two websites to date. In both projects we were mostly responsible for the technical realization (and design) of the website.

> Presentpictures

Presentpictures are close friends of IMMATURE. They are a video production agency who needed a new website that showcases their work. As such we worked with them on getting their website the way they want it to be. A new logo was also created.

– This website is unfortunately offline

> QBorg is the second website in which IMMATURE collaborated with Collectief15. IMMATURE was responsible for the technical aspects of the site. It was importantto fit the needs of the customer, and the designer, while keeping the website technologically fluid, workable and efficient. The site was then optimized for user experience, as such the site has both a desktop- and a specifically tailored mobile version.


LANNOO is a publisher based in Belgium. For this company, IMMATURE was responsible for a market research. The contents of which are not to be made public.

> Ruit & Co

For Ruit & Co IMMATURE has been responsible for the composition, scheduling and posting a series of organic as well as paid Facebook posts. IMMATURE can also be seen doing Facebook photography from time to time.

> RB

RB is yet another clothing store for which IMMATURE did a short Christmas photoshoot as part of their Facebook social media campaign. This assignment was brought to us via Lorenzo van Galen fotografie.

> De Kleinste Kapsalon

de | kleinste | kapsalon, is one of the projects that IMMATURE keeps close to heart. De kleinste kapsalon is an attempt to make a small and unknown hairsalon, known amongst the public.

The attempt is to beat the competition by breaking through online. De kleinste kapsalon is also an identity change from what was formerly called “Salon FG”.